Creating Triggers and Stored Procedures

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Stored procedures and triggers are defined with the CREATE PROCEDURE and CREATE TRIGGER statements, respectively. Each of these statements is composed of a header and a body.

The header contains::

  • The name of the procedure or trigger, unique within the database.
  • For a trigger:
  • A table name, identifying the table that causes the trigger to fire.
  • Statements that determine when the trigger fires.
  • For a stored procedure:
  • An optional list of input parameters and their data types.
  • If the procedure returns values to the calling program, a list of output parameters and their data types.

The body contains: :

  • An optional list of local variables and their data types.
  • A block of statements in InterBase procedure and trigger language, bracketed by BEGIN and END. A block can itself include other blocks, so that there may be many levels of nesting.

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