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Removes a Blob filter declaration from a database. Available in gpre, DSQL, and isql.

Important: In SQL statements passed to DSQL, omit the terminating semicolon. In embedded applications written in C and C++, and in isql, the semicolon is a terminating symbol for the statement, so it must be included.
Argument Description


Name of an existing Blob filter

Description: DROP FILTER removes a Blob filter declaration from a database. Dropping a Blob filter declaration from a database does not remove it from the corresponding Blob filter library, but it does make the filter inaccessible from the database. Once the definition is dropped, any applications that depend on the filter will return run-time errors.

DROP FILTER fails and returns an error if any processes are using the filter.

A filter can be dropped by its creator, the SYSDBA user, or any user with operating system root privileges.

Example: This isql statement drops a Blob filter:


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