Data Pages

From InterBase

Displays data page information in the database summary. Below is an example of data page information, followed by an explanation of each item.

Primary pointer page: 246, Index root page: 247
Data pages: 1, data page slots: 1, average fill: 59%
Fill distribution:
0 - 19% = 0
20 - 39% = 0
40 - 59% = 1
60 - 79% = 0
80 - 99% = 0

The first line displays a database table name while the remaining lines contain item information pertaining to the table. These items include:

Data page Information
Item Description

Primary pointer page

The page that is the first pointer page for the table.

Index root page

The page number that is the first pointer page for indexes.

Data pages

The total number of data pages.

Data page slots

The number of pointers to database pages, whether the pages are still in the database or not.

Average fill

The average percentage to which the data pages are filled.

Fill distribution

A histogram that shows the number of data pages that are filled to the percentages.