Database parameter blocks used by an incremental backup

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Incremental backup support has been added to the gbak utility using database parameter blocks (DPB). All general requirements and restrictions for DPB construction are documented in the API Guide in the Working with Databases chapter. Table 4.2 refers to DPB Parameters Groups by Purpose. Table 4.3 covers the Alphabetical List of DBP Parameters.

A successful online dump returns a warning status vector to pass back dump information status:

status [0] = isc_arg_gds
status [1] = isc_arg_success
status [2] = isc_arg_warning
status [3] = isc_old_dump_stats
status [4] = isc_arg_number
status [5] = <no. of dumped pages>
status [6] = isc_arg_number
status [7] = <total no. of DB pages>
status [8] = isc_arg_gds
status [9] = isc_old_appendix_stats
status [10] = isc_arg_number
status [11] = <no. pages written to appendix>
status [12] = isc_arg_end

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