Environmental Characteristics (API Guide)

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Several items are provided for determining environmental characteristics, such as
the amount of memory currently in use, or the number of database cache buffers currently allocated. These items are described in the following table:

Database Information Items for Environmental Characteristics
Request buffer item Result buffer contents


Amount of server memory (in bytes) currently in use


Number specifying the mode in which database writes are performed (0 for asynchronous, 1 for synchronous)


Maximum amount of memory (in bytes) used at one time since the first process attached to the database


Number of memory buffers currently allocated


Number of transactions that are committed between “sweeps” to remove database record versions that are no longer needed


Names of all the users currently attached to the database; for each such user, the result buffer contains an isc_info_user_names byte followed by a 1-byte length specifying the number of bytes in the user name, followed by the user name

Note: Not all environmental information items are available on all platforms.

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