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InterBase permits external files to be used as external tables. These tables are limited in their functionality:

  • From a database that is in read-write mode, you can execute only SELECT and INSERT statements on external tables. From a read-only database, you can execute only SELECT statement on external tables.
  • You cannot define indexes on external tables; they are outside of the control of the multigenerational architecture.
  • The 2GB external file size limit has been removed from InterBase XE onward.

The default location for external files is <InterBase_home>/ext. InterBase can always find external files that you place here. If you want to place them elsewhere, you must specify the location in the ibconfig configuration file using the EXTERNAL_FILE_DIRECTORY entry.

For security reasons, it is extremely important that you not place files with sensitive content in the same directory with external tables.

Migration note: If you are migrating from InterBase 6.x or older to InterBase 7.x or newer, and your database includes external table files, you must either move these files to <InterBase_home>/ext or note their locations in ibconfig using the EXTERNAL_FILE_DIRECTORY entry

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