File List for macOS ToGo Edition

From InterBase

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File Name Min.(runtime)kit Full Kit Notes
libibtogo.dylib Yes Yes Can be located either in the < run directory> or the application directory. The location must be included in DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable.
gbak Yes
gfix Yes
gpre Yes
gsec Yes
gstat Yes
isql Yes
interbase\interbase.msg Yes Yes
interbase\ibconfig Yes
interbase\admin.ib Yes Yes Not needed if you are using Embedded User Authentication (EUA), which is recommended
interbase\license.txt Yes Yes
interbase\oss_license_notice.txt Yes Yes
interbase\readme.html Yes
interbase\registration_FAQ.html Yes
interbase\IBsetup.html Yes
interbase\intl\gdsintl Yes Yes
libib_util.dylib Yes
libibxml.dylib Yes
interbase\bin\LicenseManagerLauncher Yes
interbase\bin\lmlauncher.jar Yes
interbase\bin\cglm.ini Yes
interbase\license\ibxe7togo.slip Yes Yes InterBase license file
interbase\include\ibase.h Yes
interbase\include\iberror.h Yes
interbase\include\ibxml.h Yes
interbase\include\ibxml_proto.h Yes
interbase\UDF\ib_udf Yes
interbase\examples\employee.gbk Yes
interbase\examples\employee.gdb Yes
interbase\examples\intlemp.gbk Yes
interbase\examples\intlemp.gdb Yes
interbase\Doc\APIGuide.pdf Yes
interbase\Doc\DataDef.pdf Yes
interbase\Doc\DevGuide.pdf Yes
interbase\Doc\EmbedSQL.pdf Yes
interbase\Doc\LangRef.pdf Yes
interbase\Doc\OpGuide.pdf Yes

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