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int (*fp_error)(MSG_NO msg_no, void *error_arg, const TEXT* context)

fp_error() is a callback function supplied by you, the developer. It accepts an error number, msg_no, when a pointer to it is passed to either isc_install_execute() or isc_uninstall_execute() as a parameter.

Parameter Type Description



Accepts an error number from either isc_install_execute() or isc_uninstall_execute().



A pointer to optional user-defined data passed to isc_install_execute() or isc_uninstall_execute()



Provides additional information about the nature of the error that can be passed on to the end user

Return value: fp_error() processes the error message and returns one of three values: isc_install_ fp_retry, isc_install_ fp_continue, or isc_install_ fp_abort.

fp_error() returns Effect on calling function

<isc_install_ fp_abort>

Action fails and calling function returns with the same error

<isc_install_ fp_retry>

Action is retried but will probably fail again unless user has intervened

<isc_install_ fp_continue>

Function ignores the error and continues from the point where the error occurred

Important: These callback functions can make calls only to isc_install_get_message(). The result is undetermined if they attempt to call any other Install API function.

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