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There are twelve classes of InterBase API function calls:

  • Array functions for handling arrays of data
  • Blob functions for handling the InterBase Blob data type
  • Database functions for handling database requests
  • Conversion functions for translating dates between InterBase format and UNIX format, and for reversing the byte-order of integers
  • DSQL functions for handling SQL statements entered by users at run time
  • Error-handling functions
  • Event functions for registering interest in events posted by triggers and stored procedures in applications and for processing the event queue
  • Information functions for retrieving information about databases, transactions, Blob data, and events
  • Install functions for writing silent embedded installs of InterBase
  • Security functions for adding, deleting, and modifying user records in the password database
  • Services functions for administering server and database properties
  • Transaction functions for handling transactions in an application

Some functions, such as information calls, occur in more than one class.


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