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gfix Database Maintenance Error Messages
Error Message Causes and Suggested Actions to Take

Database file name <string> already given

A command-line option was interpreted as a database file because the option was not preceded by a hyphen (-) or slash (/). Correct the syntax.

Invalid switch

A command-line option was not recognized.

Incompatible switch combinations

You specified at least two options that do not work together, or you specified an option that has no meaning without another option (for example, -full by itself).

More limbo transactions than fit. Try again.

The database contains more limbo transactions than gfix can print in a single session. Commit or roll back some of the limbo transactions, then try again.

Numeric value required

The -housekeeping option requires a single, non-negative argument specifying number of transactions per sweep.

Please retry, specifying <string>

Both a file name and at least one option must be ­specified.

Transaction number or “all” required

You specified -commit, -rollback, or -two_phase without supplying the required ­argument.

-mode read_only or read_write

The -mode option takes either read_only or read_write as an option.

“read_only” or “read_write” required

The -mode option must be accompanied by one of these two arguments.

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