How are Blob Data Stored?

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Blob is the InterBase data type that represents various objects, such as bitmapped images, sound, video, and text. Before you store these items in the database, you create or manage them as platform-or product-specific files or data structures, such as:

  • TIFF, PICT, BMP, WMF, GEM, TARGA or other bitmapped or vector-graphic files.
  • MIDI or WAV sound files.
  • Audio Video Interleaved format (AVI) or QuickTime video files.
  • ASCII, MIF, DOC, RTF, WPX or other text files.
  • CAD files.

You must load these files from memory into the database programmatically, as you do any other host-language data items or records you intend to store in InterBase.


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