InterBase Runtime File Locations for Apple iOS

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The InterBase related files are separated into the following categories:

  • Temporary files are created under the <Application Home>/tmp directory.
  • Transient files such as isc_lock, isc_init and temporary sort files are created here.
  • interbase.log (informational and error messages from InterBase) file) is delivered under the <Application Home>/Documents/interbase directory.
  • Read/Write files and files used by InterBase for setup are located in the <Application_Home>/Documents/interbase directory.

The following files should be delivered in this directory: ibconfig, interbase.msg, license/folder and related license files, and admin.ib (if used).
For OTW/SSL connections, the recommended folder for providing supporting files is <Application_Home>/Documents/interbase. In your OTW connection, be sure to provide relative argument values. For example:<database_file_path>

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