InterBase ToGo Test Deployment Licenses

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The test deployment licenses enable InterBase ToGo on your test deployment machines, not just your development machine. These licenses are only for testing and not actual deployment or production. You must purchase deployment licenses to deploy InterBase ToGo or use it in production.

How would I use an InterBase ToGo Test Deployment License?

Assume that you use Windows 32-bit for your RAD development. When you install RAD Studio, you use the included InterBase ToGo license on this development machine. As you progress in your application development and are ready to test your application on Windows 64-bit, Mac OS X, and other Windows 32-bit machines, you can use the InterBase ToGo Test Deployment licenses to enable InterBase on these machines and test your InterBase application deployments.

How do I get InterBase ToGo Test Deployment Licenses?

To learn how to get a test deployment license refer to IBToGo Test Deployment License

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