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On Unix platforms, programs can be linked to the following libraries:

  • A library that uses pipes, obtained with the -lgds option. This library yields faster links and smaller images. It also lets your application work with new versions of InterBase automatically when they are installed.
  • A library that does not use pipes, obtained with the -lgds_b option. This library has faster execution, but binds an application to a specific version of InterBase. When installing a new version of InterBase, programs must be relinked to use the new features or databases created with that version.

Under SunOS-4, programs can be linked to a shareable library by using the -lgdslib option. This creates a dynamic link at run time and yields smaller images with the execution speed of the full library. This option also provides the ability to upgrade InterBase versions automatically.

For specific information about linking options for InterBase on a particular platform, consult the online readme in the InterBase directory.

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