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Registration FAQ for Embarcadero ® InterBase® 2017

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Q: What does the Invalid login name, email, or password error means?

A: This error most commonly occurs when you have specified an invalid password for an existing Developer Network account. To retrieve your password, go to, enter your email address or login name and click the Email My Password button.

Q: What does the Product is registered to another user error means?

A: This error occurs when you attempt to register your serial number using different credentials than were originally used to register your serial number. If you wish to register using different credentials, a license transfer is required. A license transfer request may be initiated by going to and clicking the License Transfer button.

Q: What does the Registration count is exceeded error means?

A: Your serial number comes with a predefined number of registrations. When this limit is exceeded, this error occurs. To request an increase to your registration count, please create a technical support case by going to and clicking the Create a Case button.

Q: How do I register if my computer is not connected to the Internet?

A: First you need to determine your Registration Code. There are two ways to do this:

  • Run License Manager. Select Serial -> Add, then enter your serial number. Select your serial number under the Unregistered serial numbers tree, then select Serial -> Register. This brings up a dialog with your Registration Code.
  • Try to start InterBase when it is not registered, then look in your interbase.log file. Your Registration Code will be in your interbase.log file.
  • Once you have your registration code, use the web browser on any computer and go to to complete your registration.

Q: How can I retrieve a lost serial number I have registered in the past?

A: Send your web browser to Login, then click the My Registered Products link.

Q: I want to include InterBase along with a custom application I have written, and not require my customers to register InterBase. How can I do this?

A: This requires completing a VAR agreement with Embarcadero Sales. Please contact Embarcadero sales for more details.