Requirements and Constraints

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InterBase ToGo and IBLite have the following requirements and constraints:

  • The iOS devices must use iOS 7 or above. Devices running earlier versions of the OS are not supported.
  • The file size for IBLite is limited to 100MB.
  • IBLite will not allow any database and column encryption (weak or strong).
  • InterBase UDF and Filter functionality are not supported due to limitations imposed by Apple for explicit loading of dynamic libraries by applications.
  • Where ToGo or IBLite is used as a client to connect to a remote InterBase server, you can use UDF and Filter libraries on the remote InterBase server.
  • InterBase applications on iOS can work in a pure "Client" mode connecting to remote InterBase servers on the network. For this to work, InterBase server versions need to be 2009 (9.x) or higher.
  • InterBase applications on iOS can only connect with embedded database files with ODS version >= 13. If the database file is copied from a non-iOS InterBase platform, this implies that only databases created (or restored) with InterBase 2009 versions or greater are supported.
  • ibconfig has the following limitations:
    • The parameter DATABASE_CACHE_PAGES defaults to 75 pages.
    • The parameter SORTMEM_BUFFER_SIZE defaults to 128KB.

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