Requirements for All Applications (Embedded SQL Guide)

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All embedded applications must include certain declarations and statements to ensure proper handling by the InterBase preprocessor, gpre, and to enable communication between SQL and the host language in which the application is written. Every application must:

  • Declare host variables to use for data transfer between SQL and the application.
  • Declare and set the databases accessed by the program.
  • Create transaction handles for each non-default transaction used in the program.
  • Include SQL (and, optionally, DSQL) statements.
  • Provide error handling and recovery.
  • Close all transactions and databases before ending the program.

Dynamic SQL applications, those applications that build SQL statements at run time, or enable users to build them, have additional requirements. For more information about DSQL requirements, see DSQL Requirements.

For more information about using gpre, see Preprocessing, Compiling, and Linking.


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