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External Defect # Description
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Internal Defect #
InterBase 2020 Update 1 Hotfix 2: October 2020, bugs fixed in version 2020 Update 1 Hotfix 2, build
INTB-3889 Fix isc_info_db_sep_external info item to return status for external, internal, or no SEP.
SF Case 811259


It is not possible to fetch alias information simultaneously from multiple clients.


Multiple service API attachments at the same time crash the server.
INTB-3878 Simultaneous service api attachments causes a server crash in PWD_REQUEST


Database restore reports "No current record for fetch operation"
SF Case 787085


InterBase Server crash when executing many simultaneous database alias service requests
InterBase 2020 Update 1 Hotfix 1: June 2020, bugs fixed in version 2020 Update 1 Hotfix1, build
INTB-3820 InterBase 2020 Update 1 32 bit server (build does not start
INTB-3818 InterBase 2020 (build ToGo does not include any files for macOS
INTB-3817 All generators needed by system triggers are returning wrong values
SF Case 792965


Exception not called from trigger
InterBase 2020 Update 1: May 2020, bugs fixed in version 2020 Update 1.
INTB-3809 IBConsole Database Online Dump with tablespaces not working when targeting a named InterBase instance (not default)


Backup of primary tablespace gives an error
INTB-3785 Cannot restore database backup coming from ODS 18 to ODS < 18, even without using tablespaces
SF Case 784575


InterBase server crash on attach database
INTB-3769 Change Views query with LEFT OUTER JOIN returning with SQLIND_INSERT set for generated RHS table record


Starting IBMGR changes service name to include XE7
INTB-3755 InterBase hangs when performing an online dump
SF Case 770527


Restore of PRIMARY tablespace not possible
SF Case 774492


InterBase crashes on receiving WM_DEVICECHANGE message on Windows
INTB-3746 InterBase 2020 PDF documentation is still 2017 version
INTB-3743 Install launcher on Windows has wrong URL to "Setup Information" and Readme
INTB-3742 IBConsole WISQL data grid font not changing as per Edit | Font selection
SF Case 766570


Derived table using ROWS key word delivers wrong result set
INTB-3719 InterBase server hangs when connecting to a database file following a failed drop database operation on the same database
SF Case 761090


Customer reports InterBase crash dump is not getting delivered on server crash
INTB-3716 "partner index description not found" error when foreign key table resides in another tablespace
SF Case 764447


Server crash on using sample UDF BLOB_LINECOUNT
INTB-3682 Ubuntu: ibmgr could not shutdown ibserver normally
SF Case 670588


Installanywhere installer configures Guardian service startup to manual
INTB-3417 on Installing InterBase 2017, service name "InterBase XE7 Guardian" is shown on service list


internal gds software consistency while update onlinedump
INTB-3664 Restoring a database with "inactive" option for indexes fails if the index is used in a PLAN inside a SP/Trigger
InterBase 2020: November 2019, bugs fixed in version 2020.
INTB-3729 Dynamic SQL Error on select Tables in IBConsole
INTB-3722 ISQL Extract for Domain check validation code is case sensitive when checking "Check"
INTB-3714 UDF examples: string manipulation function declaration (udf.sql) and definition (udflib.c) not in sync
INTB-3706 replace_tablespace with just PRIMARY mentioned results in "index unexpectedly deleted" error in GBAK
INTB-3704 GBAK reports "gbak: ERROR: Cannot attach to services manager" when given a long string of command line options
SF Case 761484


IBConsole cannot run SET Subscription

SF Case 761090

InterBase server crash on highly active system
INTB-3670 IBConsole fails to extract individual database entity metadata, and gives the whole database metadata

SF Case 757728

InterBase server reports software consistency check error when accessing a newly created Change View subscription in Dialect 1 with SQL extension IS INSERTED clause
INTB-3648 InterBase server hangs during a sort/merge operation
INTB-3645 SELECT returns "Invalid BLOB id" error
INTB-3644 IBConsole Server-wide Performance Monitoring "Find Attachment" button sometimes finds an attachment from a different database
INTB-3641 Dynamic SQL Error on select Tables in IBConsole
INTB-3636 BLOB performance, temporary memory leak issue.
INTB-3525 JDBC API ResultSet.getObject() truncates text blob data instead of returning whole object.

SF Case 671345

InterBase crashes during short term recovery if GROUP COMMIT is turned on

SF Case 667105

InterBase server crash when ending transactions

SF Case 667114

Continuous return of single row using an index for ORDER BY results in client hang

SF Case 661894

Stored procedure called in a trigger hangs, when only a single row needs to be returned using an index

SF Case 661330

Change View subscriptions on tables tracking DELETE may result in duplicate/lost rows during GC

SF Case 657237

Erroneous select from stored procedure causes server crash
INTB-3258 [IBConsole] Admin.ib Performance Monitoring cause key violation
INTB-3096 IBConsole reports "Abstract Error" when launching Performance Monitor against Dialect 1 database
INTB-2928 [IBConsole] Error when using Find in the Text Viewer window.
INTB-1792 IBConsole cannot display Unicode Blobs

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