Resolving Limbo Transactions

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You can correct transactions in a limbo state using the GlobalAction property of the TIBValidationService to perform one of the following actions of type TTransactionGlobalAction on the database specified by the DatabaseName property:

TIBValidationService actions
Action Meaning


Commits the limbo transaction specified by ID or commits all limbo transactions


Rolls back the limbo transaction specified by ID or rolls back all limbo transactions


Performs automated two-phase recovery, either for a limbo transaction specified by ID or for all limbo transactions


Takes no action

For example, to set the global action using radio buttons:

with IBValidationService1 do
  if RadioButton1.Checked then GlobalAction := (CommitGlobal);
  if RadioButton2.Checked then GlobalAction := (RollbackGlobal);
  if RadioButton3.Checked then GlobalAction := (RecoverTwoPhaseGlobal);
  if RadioButton4.Checked then GlobalAction := (NoGlobalAction);

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