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VARs and OEMs can install and embed the InterBase database service within their applications. They can now include InterBase within their applications by linking in with the new ToGo edition library. Also, a VAR can access an InterBase database from the CD or DVD without the need to install anything on the machine. This means InterBase does not access anything from the Windows Registry. There is no need for registry changes because all needed settings are provided by options in the InterBase configuration file.

The InterBase log files, lock files, and event files now go to a InterBase ToGo Temp Directory on the machine as opposed to the install directory, as the install directory can now be on a read only media. The ToGo edition can be used in conjunction with Embedded User Authentication(EUA), to control user access to a database.

Application Developers can link their applications with an included library containing the InterBase database service so nothing is needed other than this library to access InterBase database files. Once the library is included there is no need to start the InterBase database service, or to stop the service once the application exits, as the database service is in process. The database file is compatible across all the editions of InterBase, so a VAR can upgrade a particular customer installation to the Desktop or Server edition with minimal changes to his application.

For more information on developing applications, see Developing Applications for InterBase ToGo.

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