Using Dataset Events

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Datasets have a number of events that enable an application to perform validation, compute totals, and perform other tasks. The events are listed in the following table:

Dataset events
Event Description

BeforeOpen, AfterOpen

Called before/after a dataset is opened.

BeforeClose, AfterClose

Called before/after a dataset is closed.

BeforeInsert, AfterInsert

Called before/after a dataset enters Insert state.

BeforeEdit, AfterEdit

Called before/after a dataset enters Edit state.

BeforePost, AfterPost

Called before/after changes to a table are posted.

BeforeCancel, AfterCancel

Called before/after the previous state is canceled.

BeforeDelete, AfterDelete

Called before/after a record is deleted.


Called when a new record is created; used to set default values.


Called when calculated fields are calculated.

For more information about events for the TIBCustomDataSet component, see the online VCL Reference.


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