Using gsec to Manage Database Alias

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Database Alias eliminates the need of knowing the exact location of the database file by the client application as long as the client application refers to the database by its alias.

To add database alias to the security database, use the alias_add command:

alias_add alias name

and alias_dbpath path name

where path is the location of the database.

For example, to add the database alias "emp" with the path "C:\Embarcadero\InterBase\examples\database\employee.ib", enter:

GSEC> alias_add emp -alias_dbpath "C:\Embarcadero\InterBase\examples\database\employee.ib"
Quotes are necessary for paths that contain spaces.

Use alias_dis to verify the entry:

GSEC> alias_dis emp C:\Embarcadero\InterBase\examples\database\employee.ib

To delete a database alias from the security database, use the alias_del command:

alias_del name

For example, to delete the database alias “emp”, enter:

GSEC> alias_del emp

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