Validating a Database (Performing Database Maintenance)

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Use the Options property of TIBValidationService component to invoke a database validation. Set any of the following options of type TValidateOption to <True> to perform the appropriate validation:

TIBValidationService options
Option Meaning


Returns limbo transaction information, including:

  • Transaction ID
  • Host site
  • Remote site
  • Remote database path
  • Transaction state
  • Suggested transaction action
  • Transaction action
  • Multiple database information


Request a read-only validation of the database without correcting any problems


Ignore all checksum errors when validating or sweeping


Remove references to unavailable shadow files


Mark corrupted records as unavailable so that subsequent operations skip them


Request database sweep to mark outdated records as free space


Locate and release pages that are allocated but unassigned to any data structures


Check record and page structures, releasing unassigned record fragments; use with ValidateDB

To set these options in code, use the Options property:

Options := [CheckDB, IgnoreChecksum, KillShadows];
Note: Not all combinations of validation options work together. For example, you could not simultaneously mend and validate the database at the same time. Conversely, some options are intended to be used with other options, such as IgnoreChecksum with SweepDB or ValidateDB, or ValidateFull with ValidateDB.

To use the LimboTransactions option, see the following section.

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