Working with Databases (Embedded SQL Guide)

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This chapter describes how to use SQL statements in embedded applications to control databases. There are three database statements that set up and open databases for access:

  • SET DATABASE declares a database handle, associates the handle with an actual database file, and optionally assigns operational parameters for the database.
  • SET NAMES optionally specifies the character set a client application uses for CHAR, VARCHAR, and text Blob data. The server uses this information to transliterate from a database’s default character set to the client’s character set on SELECT operations, and to transliterate from a client application’s character set to the database character set on INSERT and UPDATE operations.
  • CONNECT opens a database, allocates system resources for it, and optionally assigns operational parameters for the database.

All databases must be closed before a program ends. A database can be closed by using DISCONNECT, or by appending the RELEASE option to the final COMMIT or ROLLBACK in a program.


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