Xml.XMLDoc.TXMLNodeCollection Properties

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AttributeNodesprotectedLists the interfaces for nodes that represent attributes of this node.
ChildNodeClassesprotectedLists the classes that the XML Data Binding wizard defines to represent child nodes of this node.
ChildNodesprotectedLists the child nodes of this node.
CollectionprotectedIndicates the collection in which this node appears.
CountprotectedIndicates the number of repeating child nodes.
DisposedprotectedDisposed is a read-only property that shows the current state of this object.
DOMNodeprotectedProvides access to the IDOMNode interface for this node.
HostedNodesprotectedLists the nodes that share this node's lists of child and attribute nodes.
HostNodeprotectedIndicates the main object for the node to which this node corresponds when it represents a specialized view.
ItemInterfaceprotectedIndicates the interface type for the repeating child nodes.
ItemNSprotectedIndicates the default namespace URI for the tag names of repeating child elements.
ItemTagprotectedIndicates the tag name that occurs on the repeating child elements.
ListprotectedLists the interfaces for the children that are repeated elements.
OwnerDocumentprotectedProvides access to the document that contains this node.
ParentNodeprotectedIdentifies the object that represents this node's parent node.
RefCountpublicIndicates the number of interface pointers currently dependent upon the object.