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property Prepared: Boolean read FPrepared write SetPrepare;


__property bool Prepared = {read=FPrepared, write=SetPrepare, nodefault};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property public
Bde.DBTables TQuery


Determines whether or not a query is prepared for execution.

Examine Prepared to determine if a query is already prepared for execution. If Prepared is true, the query is prepared, and if Prepared is false, the query is not prepared. While a query need not be prepared before execution, execution performance is enhanced if the query is prepared beforehand, particularly if it is a parameterized query that is executed more than once using the same parameter values.

Note: An application can change the current setting of Prepared to prepare or unprepare a query. If Prepared is true, setting it to false calls the UnPrepare method to unprepare the query. If Prepared is false, setting it to true calls the Prepare method to prepare the query. Generally, however, it is better programming practice to call Prepare and UnPrepare directly. These methods automatically update the Prepared property.

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