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property OnPassword: TPasswordEvent read FOnPassword write FOnPassword;


__property TPasswordEvent OnPassword = {read=FOnPassword, write=FOnPassword};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
event published
Bde.DBTables TSession


Occurs when an application attempts to open a Paradox table for the first time and the Borland Database Engine (BDE) reports insufficient access rights.

Write an OnPassword event handler to take specific action when an application attempts to open a password-protected Paradox table for the first time. To gain access to the Paradox table, the event handler must pass a valid password to the BDE. The event handler should call the AddPassword method to make the password available to the session.

Use Continue to conditionally finalize adding the password. If Continue is set to True, the password addition is attempted. If set to False, the attempt to add the password is abandoned.

Note: If an OnPassword event does not exist, but the BDE reports insufficient access rights, the library displays a default dialog box that prompts for a password.

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