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Unit scope for interfacing databases with LiveBindings.


Data.Bind.ComponentsContains the components that comprise the LiveBindings feature for database usage.
Data.Bind.ControlsDefines a class that implements a binding navigator controller.
Data.Bind.DBLinksDefines classes that implement various links for database-related operations, such as linking to a field, to a grid, to a column in a grid, and related functionality.
Data.Bind.DBScopeUnit scope for database bindings scopes.
Data.Bind.DBXScopeDefines classes that implement a binding scope for SQL datasets and adjacent functionality.
Data.Bind.GridDefines interfaces and classes that provide binding functionality for grids and data sources.
Data.Bind.ObjectScopeDefines classes that implement object bind scopes and adapters to connect to different types of data, and related functionality.