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Unit scope for all database, database data-binding, and cloud computing related functionality.

Unit Scopes

Data.BindUnit scope for interfacing databases with LiveBindings.
Data.CloudUnit scope for Amazon, Azure and Cloud computing.


Data.DBDefines classes and functions that implement datasets, data sources, fields, and so on.
Data.DBCommonTypesDefines commonly used database-related types (typically, enumerations).
Data.DBXClassRegistryDefines classes related to dbExpress registry and assemblies.
Data.DBXClientDefines classes and functionality to implement dbExpress DataSnap connections, clients, client commands, client parameters, JSON byte readers, client transactions, and the dbExpress DataSnap driver.
Data.DBXCommonDefines classes that implement dbExpress common functionality such as byte readers and streams, manipulators of various data types, command factories, dbExpress drivers, metadata, and X.509 principals and certificates.
Data.DBXCommonIndyDefines Indy wrappers for TX500PrincipalIndy and TX509Certificate.
Data.DBXCommonTableDefines classes that implement functionality for using dbExpress tables, such as, table rows, table readers, JSON table readers, streaming, and so on.
Data.DbxCompressionFilterDefines a class that implements the compression of filters.
Data.DbxDatasnapImplements the dbExpress DataSnap driver, and the connection and driver-level name/value pair property settings.
Data.DBXDBReadersImplements various database readers such as dataset reader, dataset table, memory table, params table, and a number of internally used classes to support the database readers functionality.
Data.DBXDelegateDefines classes that implement dbExpress delegate commands, connections, parameters, parameter lists, readers and writable values.
Data.DbxHTTPLayerDefines classes that describe the DataSnap HTTP and HTTPS communication layers, and abstract DataSnap HTTP clients and response streams.
Data.DBXJSONDefines classes that implement dbExpress JSON support for dbExpress callbacks, JSON arrays, byte readers, numbers, objects, pairs, strings and values.
Data.DBXJSONCommonDefines commonly used dbExpress related JSON conversion tools.
Data.DBXJSONReflectDefines classes that implement JSON marshalers and unmarshalers, JSON converters and reverters, interceptors, and supporting classes, methods and types.
Data.DBXMemoryRowDefines classes that implement an in-memory database-independent dataset.
Data.DBXMessageHandlerCommonDefines classes that implement commonly used dbExpress message handlers for commands, connection/disconnection, communications protocol, and transmission-related functionality.
Data.DBXMetaDataNamesDefines classes that provide accessibility of columns by various data types contained by the metadata.
Data.DBXMetaDataReaderDefines classes that implement various dbExpress metadata reading mechanisms.
Data.DBXMySqlMetaDataReaderDefines classes that implement various dbExpress MySql metadata reading mechanisms.
Data.DBXOpenSSLDefines classes that implement the dbExpress transport RSA encryption filter, and global string constants to support the RSA filter functionality.
Data.DBXPlatformDefines classes that implement the dbExpress platform using transport filters, dbExpress array lists, key enumerators, object stores, semafores, string buffers, string tokenizers, invocation metadata, and more.
Data.DbxSocketChannelNativeDefines classes that implement the dbExpress Indy TCP/IP API communications layer and dbExpress socket channels.
Data.DBXStreamPlatformDefines functionality to support JSON streamer rows in a table.
Data.DBXTransportDefines classes that implement the dbExpress transport protocol using dbExpress local channels, socket channels, transport filters, transport cypher filters, and additional supporting functionality such as dbExpress client information, and more.
Data.DBXTransportFilterDefines classes that implement the dbExpress filtered TCP socket channel communication services.
Data.FmtBcdDefines classes to support BCD (binary coded decimal) conversions, and a number of methods to support manipulation of BCD values.
Data.SqlExprDefines classes that implement functionality to work with SQL blob streams, data links, connections, SQL datasets, monitors, queries, server methods and stored procedures, SQL tables, and more.
Data.SqlTimStDefines classes that implement functionality to work with SQL time stamp values with a high degree of accuracy, and a number of methods for manipulating SQL time stamp values.
Data.Win.ADODBDefines classes that implement functionality to use ADO commands, connections, datasets, queries, stored procedures, ADO tables, and more.