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Defines classes that implement functionality for using dbExpress tables, such as, table rows, table readers, JSON table readers, streaming, and so on.

Package DbxCommonDriver.bpl


TDBXActiveTableReaderItemRepresents an item of TDBXActiveTableReaderList.
TDBXActiveTableReaderListInternally used for marshaling tables between the client and the server.
TDBXCustomValueRowUsed internally. Do not instantiate or use this class.
TDBXDelegateTableRepresents a DBX delegate table.
TDBXJSONTableReaderTDBXJSONTableReader provides a unidirectional reader for a collection of database rows.
TDBXNoOpRowRepresents a no operation row in a database.
TDBXReaderTableRepresents a DBX table.
TDBXRowTableRepresents a persisted table model.
TDBXSingleValueRowRepresents a single value row.
TDBXSQLColumnFlagsContains DBX SQL column flags defined as constants.
TDBXStreamerRowRepresents a streamer row in a database. Do not use TDBXStreamerRow directly.
TDBXStringTrimTableImplements a table containing trimmed string values.
TDBXTableRepresents a DBX table.
TDBXTableEntityImplements a DBX table as an entity.
TDBXTableReaderTDBXTableReader provides a unidirectional reader for a collection of database rows.
TDBXTableRowRepresents a DBX table row.
TDBXTrimStringValueImplements a writable trimmed string value.