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Defines classes that implement functionality to work with SQL blob streams, data links, connections, SQL datasets, monitors, queries, server methods and stored procedures, SQL tables, and more.

Package dbexpress280.bpl


SPParamDescSPParamDesc describes a parameter to a stored procedure that is accessed using dbExpress.
TConnectionDataClass used to hold information about the connection.
TCustomSQLDataSetTCustomSQLDataSet is the base class for all dbExpress dataset components.
TFieldListTFieldList is an alias for the System.Classes.TList class.
TFLDDescField description wrapper.
TSQLBlobStreamTSQLBlobStream lets applications read from or write to BLOB fields in a client dataset.
TSQLConnectionTSQLConnection encapsulates a dbExpress connection to a database server.
TSQLDataLinkTSQLDataLink allows a unidirectional dataset act as the detail in a master/detail relationship.
TSQLDataSetTSQLDataSet represents data retrieved using dbExpress.
TSQLMonitorTSQLMonitor intercepts messages that pass between an SQL connection component and a database server and saves them in a string list.
TSQLQueryTSQLQuery represents a query that is executed using dbExpress.
TSqlServerMethodTDataSet to call DataSnap server methods and retrieve results from them.
TSQLStoredProcTSQLStoredProc represents a stored procedure that is executed using dbExpress.
TSQLTableTSQLTable represents a database table that is accessed using dbExpress.
TTransactionItem (deprecated)Class used for managing SQL transactions.


FreeProcParamsFrees a list of procedure parameters that is allocated by GetProcedureParams.
GetConnectionNamesPopulates a string list with the names of all the available connections.
GetConnectionRegistryFileFills a string with the content of the connection registry file.
GetDelegateDriverNamesPopulates a string list with the names of drivers for the delegate connections.
GetDriverNamesPopulates a string list with the names of all available dbExpress drivers.
GetDriverRegistryFileFills a string with the content of the driver registry file.
LoadParamListItemsFills a TParams object with information from a list of parameter descriptors.


EConnectFlagRepresents a connection flag.
SQLResultSQLResult is the return type for dbExpress function calls.
TConnectionStateTConnectionState describes the state of a TSQLConnection component.
TConnectionUserTypeEnumeration for user type connections.
TFieldDescListArray of TFLDDesc.
TGetDriverFuncC++ implementation for getting the driver's functions.
TLocaleTLocale is an alias for the Pointer type.
TLocaleCodeTLocaleCode identifies a locale, which imposes a sort order on data.
TParseInsertSqlEventC++ definition of the ParseInsertSql event.
TParseSqlEventC++ definition for parse SQL events of TCustomSQLDataSet.
TSchemaTypeTSchemaType and TSchemaInfo describe schema information (metadata) to access using dbXpress.
TSQLConnectionLoginEventC++ definition of the OnLogin event.
TSQLExceptionTypeTSQLExceptionType indicates the type of operation that leads to an ESQLException exception.
TSQLSchemaInfoRecord that indicates whether the dataset represents metadata from the server, and, if so, what kind.
TTableScopeIndicates the types of tables for which to fetch metadata.
TTableScopesSet of TTableScope that indicates the types of tables for which to fetch metadata.
TTraceEventC++ definition of the OnTrace event.
TTraceLogEventC++ definition of the OnLogTrace event.
TTransactionDescTransaction description record.
TTransIsolationLevelThis enumerated type (in C++) or type (in Delphi) identifies degree to which transactions are isolated from each other.


BlobTypeMapMaps the blob fields types.
DataTypeMapMaps the TDBXDataTypes into a FldTypeMap.
FldSubTypeMapMaps the field's subtypes.
FldTypeMapMaps the field's types.


DefaultCursorDefaultCursor: Integer = 0;
DefaultMaxBlobSizeDefaultMaxBlobSize: Integer = $FFFFFFFF;
DefaultRowsetSizeDefaultRowsetSize: Integer = $14;
eSQLAutoIncreSQLAutoIncr: Integer = 4;
eSQLDefaulteSQLDefault: Integer = 8;
eSQLFunctioneSQLFunction: Integer = 2;
eSQLLocaleSQLLocal: Integer = $20;
eSQLNonUniqueeSQLNonUnique: Integer = 1;
eSQLPackageeSQLPackage: Integer = 4;
eSQLPrimaryKeyeSQLPrimaryKey: Integer = 4;
eSQLProcedureeSQLProcedure: Integer = 1;
eSQLRowIdeSQLRowId: Integer = 1;
eSQLRowVersioneSQLRowVersion: Integer = 2;
eSQLSynonymeSQLSynonym: Integer = 8;
eSQLSysProcedureeSQLSysProcedure: Integer = 8;
eSQLSystemTableeSQLSystemTable: Integer = 4;
eSQLTableeSQLTable: Integer = 1;
eSQLTempTableeSQLTempTable: Integer = $10;
eSQLUniqueeSQLUnique: Integer = 2;
eSQLVieweSQLView: Integer = 2;
HourGlassCursorHourGlassCursor: Integer = $FFFFFFF5;
SAndSAnd: string = and;
SOrderBySOrderBy: string = order by;
SParamSParam: Char = $3F;
SSelectSSelect: string = select;
SSelectSpacesSSelectSpaces: string = select;
SSelectStarSSelectStar: string = select *;
SSelectStarFromSSelectStarFrom: string = select * from;
SWhereSWhere: string = where;
TErrorMessageSizeTErrorMessageSize: Integer = $800;