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TSQLConnection = class(TCustomConnection)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TSQLConnection : public Data::Db::TCustomConnection


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
Data.SqlExpr Data.SqlExpr


TSQLConnection encapsulates a dbExpress connection to a database server.

Use TSQLConnection to represent a dbExpress database connection. The connection provided by a single TSQLConnection component can be shared by multiple SQL dataset components through their TSQLConnection properties.

TSQLConnection interacts with a dbExpress driver and two files. The first, dbxdrivers.ini on Windows or dbxdrivers on Linux, lists the installed driver types (Interbase, Oracle, and so on) and, for each driver, lists the libraries (DLLs or shared objects) it requires, as well as the default settings for all connection parameters. The second file, dbxconnections.ini on Windows or dbxconnections on Linux, lists named sets of connection configurations. Each configuration represents a set of settings for TSQLConnection and describes a particular database connection.

You can use TSQLConnection to choose one of the named configurations in dbxconnections.ini and use it to connect to a database or to define new configurations. Use the ConnectionName property to select an already created connection. To add and manage connections, use the Data Explorer (View > Data Explorer) included in the RAD Studio IDE.

In addition to describing and establishing database connections, TSQLConnection surfaces properties, methods, and events for controlling server login, managing transactions, and fetching metadata from the server.

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