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Defines classes that implement the dbExpress transport protocol using dbExpress local channels, socket channels, transport filters, transport cypher filters, and additional supporting functionality such as dbExpress client information, and more.

Package DbxClientDriver270.bpl


TDbxChannelBase class for classes that implement communication channels.
TDBXChannelInfoProvides transport-specific information from transport implementation.
TDBXCommunicationLayerFactoryRepresents a factory of various implementations of the communication layer.
TDBXLocalChannelRepresents the channel for interfacing in-process data processing. TDBXLocalChannel implements a two-process producer and consumer paradigm, where data is exchanged in alternate steps.
TDBXSocketChannelInfoTransport channel information for socket-based transport.
TFilterPropertiesRepresents a collection of strings specifying the properties of a TTransportFilterItem instance.
TTransportCypherFilterImplements a dbExpress transport encryption filter based on the PC1 algorithm.
TTransportFilterParent class for transport filters that are invokable if present in the transport chain of the command filter list.
TTransportFilterCollectionRepresents a collection of transport filters.
TTransportFilterFactoryRepresents a filter factory for transport filters.
TTransportFilterItemRepresents a transport filter.
TTransportFilterToolsRepresents the utility class for data processing.


TDBXClientInfoHolds information about a connected client: its IP address, communication port and protocol, and application name.