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Defines classes that implement dbExpress common functionality such as byte readers and streams, manipulators of various data types, command factories, dbExpress drivers, metadata, and X.509 principals and certificates.

Package DbxCommonDriver280.bpl


ECertificateExpiredExceptionException class for certificate expiring.
ECertificateNotYetValidExceptionException class for certificates that are invalid at the current moment of time.
ECertificateParsingExceptionException class for parsing certificates.
TCertificateAbstract class for managed certificates.
TDBXAnsiCharsValueImplementation of TDBXWritableValue for TDBXAnsiChars values.
TDBXAnsiMemoValueImplementation of TDBXWritableValue for MemoSubType values.
TDBXAnsiStringValueImplementation of writable ANSI string values.
TDBXBcdValueImplementation of binary-compressed decimal values.
TDBXBooleanValueImplementation of writable boolean values.
TDBXByteArrayValueImplementation of writable byte array values.
TDBXByteReaderAllows for primitive retrieval of data using byte arrays.
TDBXByteStreamReaderUsed internally by driver implementations and TDBXStreamValue.
TDBXCallbackValueImplementation of TDBXWritableValue for TDBXCallback values.
TDBXCommandClass to execute SQL statements and stored procedures.
TDBXCommandTypesType of command to be executed by a TDBXCommand
TDBXCommunicationLayerImplements the API communication layer.
TDBXConnectionConnection for the dbExpress driver framework
TDBXConnectionBuilderUtility class used by driver writers when connections are created.
TDBXConnectionFactoryAbstract base class used for creating new instances of TDBXConnection
TDBXConnectionValueImplementation of TDBXWritableValue for DBXConnectionType values.
TDBXContextContext information for a connection.
TDBXCursorValueImplementation of TDBXWritableValue for TDBXDataTypes.CursorType.
TDBXDatabaseMetaDataCommon database specific metadata.
TDBXDataTypesData types supported by the dbExpress framework (TDBX).
TDBXDateValueImplementation of writable date type values.
TDBXDelegateDriverDelegate driver base class.
TDBXDelegateItemUsed by driver implementors.
TDBXDoubleValueImplementation of double-precision floating point values.
TDBXDriverDriver class for DBX framework.
TDBXDriverHelpUsed by driver implementors to access private or protected API.
TDBXDriverLoaderCollection of parameters needed when loading a driver.
TDBXDriverRegistryRegistry for TDBXDriverLoader keyed by driver name.
TDBXErrorException type for all dbExpress framework (TDBX) errors.
TDBXErrorCodesError codes for dbExpress framework (TDBX) exceptions
TDBXFormatterParse and format string representations for some value class objects.
TDBXIniFileConnectionFactoryCreates new instances of TDBXConnection from the dbxdrivers.ini and dbxconnections.ini files
TDBXInt16ValueImplementation of 16-byte integer values.
TDBXInt32ValueImplementation of writable 32-byte integer values.
TDBXInt64ValueImplementation of writable 64-byte integer values.
TDBXInt8ValueImplementation of TDBXWritableValue for Int8Type values.
TDBXIsolationsIsolation levels supported by TDBXTransaction.
TDBXJSONValueTDBXJSONValue is a bridge class between dbExpress framework and JavaScript Object Notation.
TDBXLookAheadStreamReaderUsed internally by driver implementations and TDBXStreamValue.
TDBXMemoryConnectionFactoryImplementation of TDBXConnectionFactory that does not load driver and connection properties.
TDBXMetaDatabaseColumnNamesColumn names for metadata.
TDBXMetaDataCommandsList of available metadata commands to get metadata.
TDBXMetaDataKeywordKeyword for metadata.
TDBXMetaDataProcedureTypesConstants passed to TDBXMetaDataCommands.GetProcedures metadata command.
TDBXMetaDataTableTypesConstants for the GetTables metadata command
TDBXMorphicCommandUsed by driver implementations to morph from one command type to another.
TDBXNullValueImplementation of TDBXWritableValue for Parameters that have no type.
TDBXParameterIndividual parameters for queries and stored commands.
TDBXParameterDirectionsParameter types supported by TDBXParameter
TDBXParameterListA collection of TDBXParameter instances that can be used to get and set parameters for a TDBXCommand.
TDBXPropertiesManages connection and driver level name/value pair property settings.
TDBXPropertiesItemContains a set of TDBXProperties.
TDBXPropertyNamesProperty names for connections and drivers to provide information, such as user names and passwords.
TDBXReaderTDBXReader provides a unidirectional reader for a collection of database rows.
TDBXReaderByteReaderImplementation of TDBXByteReader.
TDBXReaderValueImplementation of TDBXWritableValue for TDBXDataTypes.DbxTableType.
TDBXRowRepresents a row in a database.
TDBXSchedulerTDBXScheduler is a lightweight transient scheduler for user registered events.
TDBXSingleValueImplementation of TDBXWritableValue for TDBXDataTypes.SingleType values.
TDBXStreamReaderUsed internally by driver implementations and TDBXStreamValue.
TDBXStreamValueImplementation of TDBXWritableValue for TDBXDataTypes.ByteArrayType values.
TDBXSubDataTypesData subtypes.
TDBXTimeStampValueImplementation of writable timestamp values.
TDBXTimeValueImplementation of writable time values.
TDBXTraceFlagsFlags to indicate tracing type.
TDBXTraceLevelsType used for TDBXTraceFlags.
TDBXTransactionTransaction management class.
TDBXUInt16ValueImplementation of TDBXWritableValue for UInt16Type values.
TDBXValueGets and sets values for TDBXReader and TDBXParameter classes.
TDBXValueListManage a list of TDBXValueType instances.
TDBXValueTypeMetadata for TDBXReader columns and TDBXParameter parameters.
TDBXValueTypeFlagsFlags used by TDBXValueType.
TDBXValueTypeListUsed internally by TDBXParameterList to manage list of TDBXValueType.
TDBXWideCharsValueImplementation of TDBXWritableValue for WideStringType values.
TDBXWideMemoValueImplementation of TDBXWritableValue for MemoSubType values.
TDBXWideStringValueImplementation of writable wide string values.
TDBXWritableValueExtension of TDBXValue that adds the ability to set a value.
TDictionaryStringListTStringList with a dictionary to improve performance for managing key/value pairs. This TStringList implementation does not support operations that change the location of a key in the list, such as Delete, Insert, and Exchange.
TEventsCollectionImplements a collection of event procedures.
TKeyBase class for all keys.
TPrincipalRepresents the abstract notation of a principal.
TPublicKeySubclass of TKey, used specifically for public keys.
TRequestCommandHandlerAbstract class for common functionality of Command Handlers.
TResultCommandHandlerAn abstract class for a result command handler.
TX500PrincipalRepresents an X.500 principal.
TX509CertificateX.509 implementation of TCertificate.


InitializeConnectionFactorySingletonFromINIFileInitializes the connection factory with the settings stored in an .ini file.


TDBXDateType for TDBXDataTypes.DateType. Generally used as the Date portion of a TTimeStamp which is defined as one plus the number of days since 1/1/0001.
TDBXDriverDefCollection of parameters needed when loading a driver.
TDBXErrorCodeStores an error code for DBX exceptions.
TDBXErrorEventEvent handler for TDBXConnection.OnErrorEvent property.
TDBXIsolationAlias for TInt32.
TDBXScheduleEventAnonymous procedure used with the TDBXScheduler.
TDBXTimeType for TDBXDataTypes.TimeType. Generally used as the Time portion of a TTimeStamp which is defined as the number of milliseconds since midnight.
TDBXTraceEventTracing information for drivers.
TDBXTraceInfoContains trace information for DBX database drivers.
TDBXTypeType for TDBXDataTypes.
TDBXX509_FiletypesA record that holds the constants that represent supported SSL certificate file types.
TValidateCertificateProcedural type that represents a certificate validation callback signature.


DBXDefaultRowSetSizeDBXDefaultRowSetSize: Integer = $14;
DBXVersion25DBXVersion25: string = 2.5;
DBXVersion30DBXVersion30: string = 3.0;
DBXVersion40DBXVersion40: string = 4.0;
TDBXConnectionFileTDBXConnectionFile: string = dbxconnections.ini;
TDBXDriverFileTDBXDriverFile: string = dbxdrivers.ini;
TDBXRegistryConnectionValueTDBXRegistryConnectionValue: string = Connection Registry File;
TDBXRegistryDriverValueTDBXRegistryDriverValue: string = Driver Registry File;
TDBXRegistryKeyTDBXRegistryKey: string = \Software\Embarcadero\BDS\22.0\dbExpress;