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property LookupResultField: string read FLookupResultField write SetLookupResultField;


__property System::UnicodeString LookupResultField = {read=FLookupResultField, write=SetLookupResultField};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property published
Data.DB TField


Identifies the field from the lookup dataset whose value becomes the Value property of the field component.

Use LookupResultField to specify a single field in the LookupDataSet whose value becomes the value of the field component. The field component must have a FieldKind of fkLookup, and the DataType of the field component must be the same as the data type of LookupResultField.

When a field component is a lookup field, the Value of the field component is the value of the LookupResultField in the LookupDataSet. The record in the LookupDataSet that contains the correct value is found by matching the LookupKeyFields in the LookupDataSet with the current values of the KeyFields in the DataSet.

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