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property LookupKeyFields: string read FLookupKeyFields write SetLookupKeyFields;


__property System::UnicodeString LookupKeyFields = {read=FLookupKeyFields, write=SetLookupKeyFields};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property published
Data.DB TField


Identifies the field or fields in the lookup dataset to match when doing a lookup.

Only use LookupKeyFields on field components with a FieldKind of fkLookup. LookupKeyFields are the fields in the index of the LookupDataSet whose values must match the KeyFields in the field component's DataSet.

To specify more than one field, separate each field name with a semicolon. The fields specified in LookupKeyFields must be of the same types as the corresponding fields in KeyFields, or the lookup can't work.

Matching the values of the LookupKeyFields in the LookupDataSet with the values of the KeyFields in the DataSet determines a specific record in the LookupDataSet. The Value of the field component is the value of the LookupResultField in the indicated record.

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