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property Lookup: Boolean read GetLookup write SetLookup;


__property bool Lookup = {read=GetLookup, write=SetLookup, nodefault};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property public
Data.DB TField


Determines whether the field is specified as a lookup field.

Lookup is provided for backward compatibility. To determine if a field is a lookup field, use the FieldKind property instead Lookup indicates whether FieldKind is fkLookup. When FieldKind is fkLookup, Lookup is true. When FieldKind is any other value, Lookup is false. Changing Lookup to false implicitly sets FieldKind to fkData. Note that lookup fields do not work if the field is in a unidirectional dataset.

If the field is a lookup field, the KeyFields property indicates which fields in the dataset must match the LookupKeyFields in the LookupDataSet, to identify a record in the LookupDataSet. The value of the LookupResultField for that record becomes the Value of the field component.

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