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TCursorLocation = (clUseServer, clUseClient);


enum DECLSPEC_DENUM TCursorLocation : unsigned char { clUseServer, clUseClient };


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
enum public
Data.Win.ADODB Data.Win.ADODB


TCursorLocation values specify whether to use client-side or server-side cursor library.

Use TCursorLocation values when determining a cursor location to specify whether to use a client-side or server-side cursor library. The value clUseServer indicates a server-side cursor library is used and clUseClient that a client-side cursor is used.

The TCursorLocation constants correspond to the Long value in the CursorLocation property of ADO Connection and Recordset objects. The ADO constants are adUseNone, adUseClient, and adUseServer. The TCursorLocation values clUseServer and clUseClient have the same effect as the ADO values adUseClient and adUseServer. See the Microsoft Data Access SDK help for information on these values and their effects.

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