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property RemoteServer: TCustomRemoteServer read GetRemoteServer write SetRemoteServer;


__property TCustomRemoteServer* RemoteServer = {read=GetRemoteServer, write=SetRemoteServer};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property public
Datasnap.DBClient TCustomClientDataSet


Specifies the connection component that this client dataset uses to connect to an application server.

If the client dataset is in the client portion of a multi-tiered application, use RemoteServer to specify the connection component that connects to the application server. The connection component locates the application server and obtains its IAppServer interface, which the client dataset can use for communicating with a remote provider.

Although it is not required, you can also set RemoteServer to a TLocalConnection component when working with a provider that resides in the same application.

If a client application uses more than a connection component, the application can change which connection a client dataset uses by changing the value for this property.

Tip: If you have several client datasets that all use the same connection component and you think you may change the connection component later (for example, to change the protocol), you can use the ConnectionBroker property to centralize the connection.

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