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TDCOMConnection = class(TCOMConnection)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TDCOMConnection : public TCOMConnection


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
Datasnap.Win.MConnect Datasnap.Win.MConnect


TDCOMConnection handles a client application's DCOM connection to the remote server in a in a multi-tiered application.

TDCOMConnection is used in the client portion of a multi-tiered database application to establish and maintain the connection between the client and a remote application server. The DCOM connection object can

Establish an initial connection to a remote application server.

Obtain an IAppServer for the application server.

Obtain a list of providers on the application server.

Drop the connection to the remote application server.

TDCOMConnection uses DCOM to establish the initial connection between the client application and a remote application server. In order to do so, the application server must be registered on the client machine.

Once the connection is established, the client registers any or all of its client datasets with TDCOMConnection, and these client datasets use the IAppServer interface from the DCOM connection component to communicate with providers on the application server, or to otherwise call the application server's data module interface.

To connect client applications to remote application servers using TCP/IP sockets, use TSocketConnection instead. To connect to remote application servers using HTTP, use the TWebConnection component. To connect to application servers using SOAP, use TSoapConnection.

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