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function Execute(const Arg: TJSONValue): TJSONValue; override;


virtual System::Json::TJSONValue* __fastcall Execute(System::Json::TJSONValue* const Arg)/* overload */;
inline System::TObject* __fastcall  Execute(System::TObject* Arg){ return Data::Dbxjson::TDBXCallback::Execute(Arg); }


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function public
Datasnap.DSCommon TDSChannelCallback


Executes the callback method.

The Execute method executes the callback method. The implemented execution commands are invoke and broadcast. If a different command is supplied when creating the channel callback object, then an exception is raised.

Execute assumes that the first pair in the JSON object has a key of either broadcast or invoke. The value of the pair is assumed to be a TJSONArray, where the first item (whose index is 0) is the message to notify (invoke/broadcast), and the second item (whose index is 1) is the data type of the message, which says whether it is a regular JSON value or a TJSONObject representation of a TObject. An item representing a JSON value will have a value of 1 while an item representing a JSON object will have a value of 2.

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