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Defines classes that implement DataSnap response handlers, callback items pairing, client callback managers, execution response wrappers, abstract DataSnap HTTP context, request and response, DataSnap HTTP servers and transport, JSON response handlers, DataSnap session tunnel information, and more.

Package DataSnapServer270.bpl


TDSCacheResultCommandHandlerWraps an instance of TRequestCommandHandler that wants to make itself cacheable.
TDSCommandComplexParamsUsed internally for TResultCommandHandler implementations.
TDSExecutionResponseWrapper for an execution response. It can manage a command populated with either results or an error message.
TDSHTTPContextRepresents the abstract DataSnap HTTP context.
TDSHTTPDispatchEncapsulates objects involved in dispatching HTTP requests.
TDSHTTPRequestRepresents the abstract DataSnap HTTP request.
TDSHTTPResponseRepresents the abstract DataSnap HTTP response.
TDSJsonResponseHandlerBase class for response handlers that will translate the DBX commands into JSON.
TDSNullResponseHandlerImplementation of a request handler used when you don't care about getting a response from an execution.
TDSServiceResponseHandlerAbstract class for common functionality of response handlers. It uses the result of a TDBXCommand to populate a TDSHTTPResponse object appropriately.


TDSHTTPCommandTypeEnumerates the HTTP command types processed by DataSnap.
TDSHTTPServiceTraceEventRepresents the type for user event for logging HTTP requests.
TDSRESTResultEventUser event for capturing and optionally modifying REST results before they are returned.