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procedure EnableCommit;


void __fastcall EnableCommit();


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
Datasnap.Win.MtsRdm TMtsDataModule


Allows clients to complete transactions without releasing state information.

Call EnableCommit to indicate that the MTS data module can complete its current transaction without releasing state information (properties). Unlike the SetComplete method (which also signals that the current transaction can be committed), EnableCommit does not allow the data module to be deactivated. This lets the MTS data module preserve state information over multiple interface calls, while still allowing clients that have enlisted the data module in a transaction to commit.

By default, transactions can be completed when interface calls finish, unless the DisableCommit method is called. There is no need to call EnableCommit unless the MTS data module has previously called DisableCommit.

Note: Although EnableCommit permits the current transaction to be completed, it does not automatically commit the transaction. The client that enlisted the MTS data module in a transaction must still explicitly commit that transaction. If the transaction was started automatically (because the MTS data module requires a transaction for its interface calls), the transaction is not committed until the data module calls SetComplete.

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