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procedure DisableCommit;


void __fastcall DisableCommit();


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
Datasnap.Win.MtsRdm TMtsDataModule


Prevents clients from completing transactions.

Call DisableCommit to indicate that the MTS data module can't complete its current transaction or release state information (properties) until it receives further method invocations from the client. After calling DisableCommit, the current transaction (if any) can't be completed until the MTS data module calls EnableCommit or SetComplete.

With transactions that are started automatically when the MTS data module's interface is called, DisableCommit is not necessary. These automatically generated transactions are not committed until the MTS data module calls SetComplete. However, when the MTS data module is enlisted in a transaction that was started previously, the client controls the transaction and can attempt to commit it before the MTS data module has completed its part. Calling DisableCommit prevents the client from prematurely committing a transaction. If a client tries to commit a transaction after the MTS data module has called DisableCommit, the transaction aborts.

Tip: Call DisableCommit at the beginning of a method to protect your MTS data module from committing prematurely in the event of an unexpected return. If the method call finishes normally, calling EnableCommit or SetComplete reverses this affect and allows the transaction to complete.

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