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TXMLTransformProvider = class(TCustomProvider)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TXMLTransformProvider : public Datasnap::Provider::TCustomProvider


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
Datasnap.Xmlxform Datasnap.Xmlxform


TXMLTransformProvider provides data from and resolves updates to an XML document.

Use TXMLTransformProvider to provide data from an XML document to a client dataset or XML broker and to resolve updates from that client dataset or XML broker back to the source XML document. TXMLTransformProvider can be a part of the same application as the client dataset or XML broker, or it can be placed in the application server of a multi-tiered application. It serves as a translator between an XML document and a client dataset.

TDataSetProvider packages data from the source XML document and passes it in one or more transportable data packets to the client dataset or XML broker.

When the provider supplies data to a client dataset, the client dataset reconstructs the data in the data packet to create a local, in-memory copy for user access. When user access is complete, the client dataset repackages any changed data and sends the updates back to the provider. The provider applies the updates to the source XML document.

When the provider supplies data to an XML broker, the XML broker adds the data packet, in XML format, to an HTML document that is downloaded by a Web client. When the XML broker receives updates from the Web client, it sends the updates to the provider, which applies them to the source XML document.

Client datasets and XML brokers communicate with a provider through the IAppServer interface. In multi-tiered applications, this is the interface of the remote data module that contains the provider. To enable the remote data module to pass calls to the provider, the provider's Exported property must be true, and its Owner property must specify the remote data module.

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