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function GetValue: string; override;


virtual System::UnicodeString __fastcall GetValue();


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function public
DesignEditors TTimeProperty


Returns the property value formatted as a string.

DesignEditors.TTimeProperty.GetValue inherits from DesignEditors.TPropertyEditor.GetValue. All content below this line refers to DesignEditors.TPropertyEditor.GetValue.

Returns the property value formatted as a string.

GetValue formats the value of the property, formatted as a string. If the value is not available, GetValue raised an exception.

As implemented in TPropertyEditor, GetValue returns the string "(unknown)". Descendant classes override this method to provide an appropriate value string or raise an exception.

GetValue is the read access method of the Value property.

Note: To obtain an error string when the property value is unavailable rather than raising an exception, you can call the GetEditValue method. GetEditValue is protected, but can be called through the IProperty interface in code that is not a method of a descendant class.

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