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Package emsserverapi270.bpl


EEMSEndpointErrorEMS error related to an endpoint.
EEMSErrorBase class for exceptions of the EMS unit scope.
EEMSHTTPBadRequestErrorHTTP error exception that has TCodes.BadRequest as error code.
EEMSHTTPDuplicateErrorHTTP error exception that has TCodes.Duplicate as error code.
EEMSHTTPErrorException that EMS resources can raise during the handling of a request to indicate that there has been an error. The RAD Server Engine (EMS Server) handles these exceptions and sends an appropriate response to the EMS client application that sent the request.
EEMSHTTPForbiddenErrorHTTP error exception that has TCodes.Forbidden as error code.
EEMSHTTPResourceNotFoundErrorHTTP error exception that has TCodes.NotFound as error code.
EEMSHTTPUnauthorizedErrorHTTP error exception that has TCodes.Unauthorized as error code.
TEMSEndpointAuthorizationProvides methods to determine whether or not the RAD Server Engine (EMS Server) authorizes a request context.
TEMSEndpointManagerManages the EMS resources of the RAD Server Engine (EMS Server).
TEMSResourceBase class that any EMS resource must inherit.
TEndpointContextHolds a request to an EMS resource endpoint, the response to that request, the user that performs the request, and the types of authentication that the user uses.
TEndpointHeadersGroup of headers of a request or a response.
TEndpointParamsList of parameters of a request.
TEndpointRequestRepresents a request that your EMS server receives.
TEndpointRequestBodyHolds the body of a request.
TEndpointResponseRepresents the response of an EMS resource after handling a request context.
TEndpointResponseBodyHolds the content of the body of a TEndpointResponse.
TEndpointSegmentsRepresents a list of segments of an EMS resource path.


RegisterResourceRegisters the specified EMS resource on the running RAD Server Engine (EMS Server).