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function DialogKey(const Key: Word; const Shift: TShiftState): Boolean; virtual;


virtual bool __fastcall DialogKey(const System::Word Key, const System::Classes::TShiftState Shift);


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function public
FMX.ActnList TCustomActionList


Evaluates an input key combination to determine whether it is a shortcut for one of the actions in the list.

Typically, your applications do not need to call DialogKey explicitly. When the form's KeyDown method does not evaluate a shortcut key by some other means (such as an event handler), it calls DialogKey for every associated action list until it finds an action that can handle the shortcut.

The action list's DialogKey method, in turn, checks the specified keystroke against the ShortCut property and SecondaryShortCuts properties of each action in the list. If it finds a match, it tells the action to handle the shortcut, and then returns True. If DialogKey cannot find an action to handle the shortcut, it returns False.

DialogKey has the following parameters:

Parameter Description
Key Is the key code for the potential shortcut key.
Shift Specifies the state of the Shift, Alt, and Ctrl keys that may be combined with Key.

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