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Package fmx280.bpl


IViewport3DInterface for viewing 3D objects.
TCameraRepresents the class for camera objects.
TControl3DTControl3D represents the base class for FMX onscreen 3D components.
TLightTLight is a class that describes objects that are light sources.
TProxyObjectTProxyObject is a class for proxy objects.
TRenderingCompareComparer class for TControl3D.


TDragDropEvent3DProcedural type used by all OnDragDrop events.
TDragEnterEvent3DProcedural type used by all OnDragEnter events.
TDragOverEvent3DProcedural type used by all OnDragOver events.
TMouseEvent3DProcedural type used by all OnMouseUp and OnMouseDown events.
TMouseMoveEvent3DProcedural type used by all OnMouseMove events.
TObjectAtPointDataInternally used by ObjectAtPoint to store data about distance and projection.
TRenderEventProcedural type used by all OnRender events.


GlobalDistanceFloating-point Single variable that is used internally by screen and camera projections.
GlobalProjectionTProjection type variable used internally to specify the type of projection (screen or camera).