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TFilterManager = class sealed


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TFilterManager : /*[[sealed]]*/ public System::TObject


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
FMX.Filter FMX.Filter


Manager class for FireMonkey filters.

Use TFilterManager to access and manage the FireMonkey filters. To register a filter under a certain category use RegisterFilter. To get a filter by its name use FilterByName. To get all filters within a category use FillFiltersInCategory. FillFiltersInCategory method returns a list of strings that represent the name of the filters. Use FilterByName or FilterClassByName to get the filter as an object.

To get the current categories within TFilterManager use FillCategory. The categories are returned as a list of strings.

TFilterManager offers also the possibility to access the context in which the filters are processed through properties like CurrentContext, ContextCount, and FilterContext. To get access to the textures used by the current context use the GetTexture method or the FilterTexture property.

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